Monday, February 18, 2013

Carter Baseball

   We love when the Peck's come down for baseball.  This weekend Melissa, Jason, Kolton, Chase and Laynee came down because Chase had a tournament. He's number 12.  I live vicariously through them.  I always wanted a son to be extremely into baseball.  Sadly I will never get that.  Josh is a golfer, Ben likes a little (very little) of every sport and David likes Football, Basketball and Soccer.  So I absolutely love it when the Carters, Clarks and Pecks come down to play.  When Joel and I were dating he was on 3 different softball teams and was an umpire for the city for whatever games they needed.  I was in LOVE!  Then we got married and basketball season started.  That's a whole different blog.
   Chase's team made it all the way to the finals against a Snow Canyon team that had about 5 kids on it that we knew.  So we were cheering super hard for Chase team, Clutch.  Right as the game was getting started JoEllen showed up and brought dinner!  She's the best.  Pizza, bread and drinks for everyone. 
 Since it was the final game it didn't have a time limit so it was cold and dark when it was over.  It was 7 innings and we ended up losing by 1 point.  It was sad but an amazing day.  Here is Chase getting his runner up trophy which is still pretty cool.

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