Sunday, February 17, 2013

Joel and Josh Cooking Machine's

For the Superbowl Joel decided to make rice crispie treats.  He did an awesome job.  It's the only time I've ever seen him make anything besides cereal so I had to take a picture.

Josh on the other hand made bread today.  All by himself.  He is taking a cooking class in school and they had a lady come and show them how to make bread and she gave them 2 little things of flour and a package of yeast to go home and try to make it at home and this is what he came out with.  He was told that the recipe would make 2 loaves and that he had to keep one and give the other away.  So he took it to a little old couple in our ward.  He has his dad's soft, kind heart.

 Josh loves to cook.  He always has.  I remember when he was 6 making his own sandwiches that consisted of whatever he could find in the fridge and he would actually eat them.  When I'm coming home late from work I will call him and ask him to start making dinner.  He loves it.  Today we made tacos and I asked Sophie to line the taco shells up in the pan so we could put the meat in them and put cheese on them to put in the oven and it took her 15 minutes and she yelled and complained the whole time and then threw a fit and gave up.  Oh dear, she's got a ways to go.   I fear for Shayne's missionary companions because she is like her dad and can only make cereal.  But she's better than Sophie in that she'll at least give it a try without complaining.  But Josh's will all gain weight and love having him as a companion.

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