Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finally Hot Water

The only thing that we've had a problem with in this house has been that stupid water heater.  First the pilot light wouldn't catch and I had 2 different people come in, look at it for 10 minutes and tell me that I needed to just get an entirely new water heater for 1600, then charge me $120.  Then I complained to Kyle who brought over his incredible neighbor Rob Pead who told me I just needed a new ignition thingy (see how smart I am).  So he bought one and I put it in myself and for 3 years we never had a problem.  Now the motor/fan/draft inducer thingy went out.  I know, I know, what the heck is that?  Well our water heater is in the basement for some reason and it needs a motor to push the gas out of the house.  Most houses have theirs in a room upstairs or in a garage where the gas can go straight up.  Ours has to be pumped to the side.  Anyway, I called someone to come look at it and they said they'd find a new part and let me know.  I had already found a new fan for $30 so I told them I'd order it and call them to put it in.  A week later it came and when they put it in it rotated the wrong direction.  So they said they'd have to find the right part and call me back and they charged us $180.  My brain totally said to me that if you reversed the polarity and turned the fan around then it'll totally work.  That's what happens every time I put the batteries in backwards in my little hand fan, it spins backwards.  It made total sense to Kyle so they tried it but it didn't work.  The guy who saw it last called and told us that he found the part we needed and it was $750 plus $100 shipping and that we'd be better off spending the $1600 for a new one.  Well, that just didn't sit right with me.  So, back to the computer we went.  We found the right part for $215 plus $20 shipping.  So...a week later it came and JOEL put it in and 20 minutes later we had warm water!  Yeah!  No more heating up water to wash my face, try to fill up the tub for a bath, cold showers, warm showers at the Rec Center or JoEllen's and no more taking our whites over to JoEllen's on Sundays to do while we're visiting.  Thanks JoEllen!

He's such a man.  Now there's proof he can fix things.  Hahaha.

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