Friday, April 19, 2013


I love Easter and my Dad LOVES Easter.  Every year we go up to Lehi where Grandpa turns his backyard into a Easter Egg Hunt Wonderland.  Not only can you find regular hard boiled eggs but you can get eggs with candy, quarters, dollar bills or even a lucky number in it.  There is one per person and then there are always hidden sandwich baggies full of Peeps and other candy that wouldn't fit in the eggs.  He hides them everywhere.  In the tree house, in the flower garden, in the fence, in the deck, in the rock garden, behind everything.  One year he even hung them from the tree branches with fishing wire just high enough that the kids couldn't reach them to see how creative they could be to get them down.  We all look forward to this holiday every year, more so than Christmas because we are all together.  After the hunt is over you can trade Grandma your lucky number for a prize.  It's usually a ball, bubbles or something fun like that.  One year the older girls got cute bucket hats and Shayne loved hers.  (She wore it to every swim meet for 3 years until someone stole it from her.  She was so mad.)  Then we have a Bar-b-Que and enjoy the afternoon.  Well this year we didn't make it.  Jan and Andy were coming down to make a wedding cake so we were going to help her, landscape the yard (blog to follow) and paint Shayne's old room and make it into Sophie's new room and paint Sophie's old room and make it Josh's new room (blog to follow).  It was a crazy weekend.  On Saturday JoEllen came over first thing in the morning and we painted up a storm in Sophie's room.  Then later that afternoon I felt bad that the kids didn't get any kind of Easter Egg Hunt so we went to the movie and saw The Croods.  It was AWESOME!  Sophie says it'll be the first movie she shows Shayne when she gets back.

The first thing we did when we got back was color a million eggs.
          Sophie made this one to look like the Australian flag.

Sunday we went over to JoEllen's and had dinner and helped out with the cake.  It was just like old times,  so much fun having Jandy back in town.  We decorated a million eggs the day before and then had our annual Egg Cracking War.  You pick and egg and an opponent and you hit your ends of your eggs together.  Who ever doesn't cracks wins and picks a new person to go against.  You get to use both ends of your egg before it's out, then you get a new egg.  This year Josh was the big winner.

      Andy did his Peep Show for us.

 Then we helped with the cake.  Well, mostly JoEllen and Sophie helped out.  I took pictures (It's a very important job).

 To cut a cake in half easily the best way is to use dental floss and wrap it around the cake layer and pull in the opposite directions until the floss comes out.  It works flawlessly.

 Here is what you get when you put all that time and effort into an amazing cake.  Did I say AMAZING?  Because it was amazing.

 Then Sunday morning everyone got up to find where the Easter Bunny had hidden their baskets.  It is always a lot of fun.  Sophie and I got Easter bonnets aka...Sun hats.  So that's what I used for my basket.

It was a lot of fun but we are already planning to go up to Lehi for next year.

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