Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elder Paddock

On October 9th Zack got his Eagle Award form the Boy Scouts of America.  He squeaked it out right before he turned 18 just like Joel.  But he did it none the less.  It was fun to go see. 


  This is Matt Rossberg.  Another swim kids we love. 

Ellen had all of her scrapbook pages out on the table for everyone to look at of all of Zack's scouting days.  They were adorable. 
                            This one is from the Pine Wood Derby.                                

This one's from the Regatta with his BFF Trevor.  Seriously he and Trevor have been friends FOREVER.

The best part of any scouting event: Refreshments!  I don't know if he's happier for the award he got or for the cookie!  So dang cute!

On Tuesday we went over to the Paddocks to be there when Zack was set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was awesome. 

 This is a picture of all of the Priesthood who were there.  See Trevor?  Trevor leaves soon on his mission too and he was the only one who teared up.  The rest of us were excited for the new experiences that he'll have.  Trevor was sad that the two of them won't see each other for 2 years.  They will both be amazing missionaries and I'm excited to hear all of the wonderful experiences they'll go through. 
Stake President, Trevor, Bishop, Zack, Mason, and Joel.
The next morning his family took him to the airport to send him to Mexico where he will be for 6 weeks while he learns the Spanish language.  Then he will come back to the good old U.S. of A and serve in the Omaha Nebraska mission.  He'll be a great missionary and we will miss him.  But his mom has his blog up and going so we will always know how he's doing.  Here it is: ZACK


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