Sunday, October 27, 2013

DSU Football

We love Dixie State UNIVERSITY!  It's football season and that means...TAILGATE PARTIES!

We love to come lay out a blanket and eat the yummy hamburgers the Kyle cooks for the hundreds of alumni and current students that come together to celebrate DSU Football.

 The kids love the bounce houses and climbing walls.  Emily always try to see what she can find for free and she usually ends up with a lot of loot.  Here she is climbing the wall.
 David and Evan in the bounce house.
David climbing.

 Jack and Evan climbing.

 Ben climbing.

 Seth climbing.

 This weekend was Homecoming and the game was awesome.  We sat next to one of the mom's from the other team and boy was she a screamer!  I'm sure she lost her voice.  I don't know how she couldn't.  But she was very nice and it helped out school spirit to actually scream for our own players.  It was a great night.   

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