Sunday, October 13, 2013

Marathon #7, Ladies Night Out #10 and Semi-Annual Conference #183

 As tradition we all went up to the start of the race for a picture and then to Wells' cabin in Pine Valley Friday night to have a pasta dinner so the runners can CARBO LOAD.  This year we had Mason, Miller and McKay, Seth and Jack, Kyle, JoEllen and their kids, Us, the Rogels, my parents and Jillyn.  Then we leave the guys there to sleep so they don't have to get up at 4am to catch the bus to the starting line.  We had a great time just like it always.  I love it when we can all get together and make memories.

  We ate, watched football and just relaxed.  When it got dark the kids made a fire in the new pit to roast marshmallows.

  Every year I give Joel and IV to make sure he's hydrated.  This year Mason got one too.
 The next morning was exciting.  John was the first to cross and was extremely excited when he broke this best time with a 2:59.02!

 It was his fastest and he could feel it after.  He said,"go watch everyone else cross.  I'll be right here on the ground."  It was awesome.  Of course after awhile he felt great and is ready to do it again.

 Brian was the next to cross at 3:28.30.  He looked great.  He had no idea the he got a huge cramp just 500 yards before. He broke his time from last year and is also excited to do it next year.


Kyle was next and like last year he was trying to beat 4 hours.  And just like last year he missed it by just a few seconds.  Next year  you'll do it Kyle!

Then came Charles and last but not least Joel.  I have to admit I was worried when I heard Joel was in front of Charles and then Charles finished before him.  It was a long 5 minutes.  Right when I was ready to go find him JoEllen yelled that she could see him.

What a relief!  I was so glad I took the pictures way to soon and didn't get him high 5ing anyone.  But I got him crossing the finish line and I could stop holding my breath and relax.

I was glad to see him smiling. 

After everyone is done we start the "taking of the pictures".  The following is a montage of everyone there and all the support groups.

This is our friend Daniel Hilton.  He hadn't run the marathon in years and currently has his mission call to Orlando Florida.  Maybe he'll see Shawn Hirshi there.  He leaves on Jan 1st.

Here are our boys and some of the Tri- Club members that finished early. 

In honor of our dear friend Braydon Nielson, a group of runners ran the marathon at his pace.  Braydon had convinced some of the people at the hospital to run with him and they all had been training together.  Now with him gone they didn't feel like running.  So, a big group of friends wanted to run with them at Braydon's pace in his honor.  Here is the picture at the end of the marathon.  What an incredible support group.  This wasn't even everyone who ran in his honor.  BOOYAH tank tops dotted the course the entire way showing great love and admiration for Braydon.  He will be truly missed.

After a good shower Joel and Kyle sat down to listen to conference and get rehydrated physically and spiritually.


Later that night we have another tradition that includes all of the boys going to Panda Garden to eat Chinese before they go to the Priesthood session of Conference.  And the girls going out to eat and shopping!
This year we went to the Black Bear Diner.  Yumm!  It was the first for my mom.  But we do have to say that it was kinda weird not having Shayne and Katie with us.  Our numbers are dwindling while the boys numbers continue to grow.  Next year we'll have to take Emily with us. 

Look at my HUGE Summer Harvests salad with the strawberries on top!  It's my favorite.  Sophie had the Hobo omelet and Abby had the cinnamon roll french toast.  We were ready to pop.

The next day we all met at JoEllen's at lunch time to eat and to watch the last session of conference before the Rogel's and Mom & Dad had to go home.  Sloan and Brady joined us.  Ashley bailed and went to California to go to Disneyland with Brad.  Sloan is Matty's all time favorite person and she made this crown for him to wear for Conference.  He had it on all day.  I think he just forgot it was on.  But she loved it.  Who wouldn't?  Look how cute he is!

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