Saturday, November 2, 2013

DSU Homecoming 2013

 We love all of the events that revolve around DSU Homecoming.  Kyle is in charge of the Midnight 5K and everyone runs except me and JoEllen.  We did the first year and haven't since.  We are the helpers that direct traffic.  We are very important.  Everyone showed up...Mason and Mandy and kids, Spencer, Maycee, Drew and Seth all ran, Kristal and Emma, Kalo and Joel, Brian, John and 18 girls and staff from Red Rock.  We had a really good turn out. 

 Kalo was awesome.  Maybe I'll have to start training for next year.

The next morning, to early for any one us because none of got to bed before 2am, we all had to be back up and at it for the Homecoming p-raid.  Ben and Joel had their last flag football game from 9-10 and the parade started at 10am.  So, they hurried and drove over right after the game was done and got in line.  They were both supposed to be in the parade.  Joel in the motorcycle club and Ben with the DSU Swim Team with George and Emily.  Luckily they were right next to each other in the line up.  The first one come by was Josh in the PVMS Band.  This will be his first and last Homecoming parade.  He's decided that he doesn't like to play the trombone and can't read music as well as he thought.  He's just like Joel...he listens to what they are playing and then plays along.  Oh well.  He's done it for 3 years so if he wants to move on to other things then sobeit.

Here are the Dixie State Narwhals!
 Ben and George are on the far side and Emily is next to us with her sweatshirt tied around her waste.
Then came Joel.

He had a great time. 

 Here is David going out to give him a high five.  David was in his football clothes because his last game started at 11 and as soon as the parade got over Joel came and picked him up on his bike and hurried him over to it.
Last but not least was PVHS and Sophie leading the way.  Front row middle to pace the rest of the band!

Mr. Candland showed up in full uniform because they needed another trombonist.  It was awesome!!!  And here is Leighton Ipson being a flag girl for the day to help out too. 

This parade is known as the candy parade because of all the candy the kids get right BEFORE Halloween.  Every year DSU hands out something to all of the parade watchers.  One year it was Flags, another it was pompoms and this year it was MEGAPHONES!  They kids loved them.  At one point Evan yelled at someone in the parade, "Hey I betcha can't throw any candy into my megaphone!"   Needless to say that he ended up with the most candy out of anyone.  It was hilarious.  Matty tried it too and David just held his out and people just put it in his.  It was so funny. 

 The University played Humboldt State that night and won!  It was a great end to an even greater day.

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