Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scout Trip that turned into a Klondike.

Our scout troop had a camping trip planned for about 3 months and it just happened to be up on Pine Valley Mountain when a HUGE storm passed through.  They loved it!  These are the pictures that he brought back.

This is them passing off the Cooking Merit Badge.

 A Selfie.

The first thing the did when they got there was find dry wood and start a fire.

Josh said that the ground was dusted with snow when they got there.  Then it snowed ALL night and they woke up to this.

This is how deep it was.

Daniel Cluff made this great clothes hanger for them to dry out socks and gloves by the fire.

 This was Lawson Monnett's first campout.  He just turned 12 last week!  He was glad Taylor was with him.

 Here are Daniel and Riley.  Daniel looks like he's posing but really he tied his backpack weird and had to hold it like that to keep from choking himself.

 Here are Skylar and Sterling.  A first for them too!  Look how happy they are!  Hahaha!

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