Sunday, November 17, 2013

PIT & Veteran's Day P-Raid

Sophie decided to play in the orchestra pit for the musical The King and I that PVHS was doing.  She practiced her fanny off and was INCREDIBLE!  She was the only flutist and had quite a few solos pieces where it was only her with a few background instruments.  I was blown away at her performance.  The orchestra was the main reason to go see this play.  It was a good play but I don't think I've ever seriously heard an orchestra as good as this one.  Here are Sophie and Brianna.

 Taylor Monnett was also in the Pit.  
He plays the violin very well and comes from an incredibly talented, musical family.

Sophie and Brianna sat right next to each other.  Sophie on her flute and Brianna on her violin on the second row back straight in front of Mr. Candland.

Veteran's Day was great.  We love a good parade.
William Scoresby carried the banner to start it all off.

 Santa of course made an appearance.

 Ben's class was in it and he carried their sign.  That's his teacher Mrs. Stephenson.  We love her.

 Here's Josh just off center to the right.  He's getting so thin that it's hard to pick him out anymore.

Good old Pine View High.

With Sophie leading the way.  She is the perfect pacer. 

I think this is the last parade of the season.  It's starting to get chilly here and no one wants to stand out in the cold to watch a parade.  Goodbye until next year!

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