Sunday, November 3, 2013


We had fun decorating this year.  Our theme was "DEATH BY SPIDERS".

Here are this years pumpkin creations...

Joel's and mine

I did this one for Shayne.
Sophie and Josh's

Ben and David's

It's tradition to take these pictures and this year we had a couple extra people so we let them join in the fun.

For work the girls and I decided to go as Duck Dynasty.  It is a new reality TV show about a family of backwoodsmen who make duck calls and are millionaires because of it.  It's pretty funny.  So Kirsten went at Willie, the CEO and Megin was Phil, the Dad.  I was Jase, the brother, and Kalo was Uncle Silas.  It is Dr. LaRowe's favorite show and he loved our costumes.  He took the entire office out to eat for lunch because it was Devin Graff, Victoria's brother's, last day with us as an intern.  We ended up pulling our beards down to eat because it was impossible to eat with them on. 

 After lunch I left to go see Ben and David at the school in their Halloween parade.  Ben was a Zombie and David was a boxer.


Then we went home to get ready for the night.  Josh was Luke Skywalker with Yoda.

 Sophie was a cowgirl.

 And Joel was a golfer.  We had gotten the parts for the costume the weekend before at the D.I. so he could dress up for a golf tournament at work and he won "Best Dressed" and a gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods to get new clothes.

The first place we go every year is over to Jillyn's to celebrate her birthday.  She always has dinner waiting so the kids can eat good food before they eat candy.  Evan won the best costume this year.  He was a little old man and his best friend went as a little old lady.  It was darling.  Kyle even shaved the top of his hair off for the part.  It was a work of art.  George was a "Smarty Pants".   

 Emily was a Minion, Drew was Napoleon Dynamite, Seth was Pedro and Jack was Rex.  They were awesome!  Drew and Seth quoted parts of the movie for us and the Drew gave us a little dance.  For some strange reason Mason, Mandy, Spencer and Shana pooped out on us and didn't dress up.  It's always the Halloween surprise to see what Mason is going to do but this year he came as himself.

Then we had to hurry back to our annual Carnival and Trunk or Treat at the church.  It's not only mandatory now that Joel's bishop but now we have to set up and take down and make sure we're the first ones there and the last to leave.  My YW were in charge of 3 of the booths and had great costumes!

Sarah and Jen DeMille always have to coolest costumes.  This year they are evil statues from the TV show Dr. Who.  If you didn't know the show then you just thought that they were scary gargoyles.

The YM had the other 3 booths and some of them dressed up.

My favorite costumes were the families that dressed up.  Here are the Cluffs: Daniel was a crazy Jazz Fan and little Zack was an Octopus.  Katie was a bee and Kason was a ninja.

Tavien and Myka were super hero's.  Next were the Millers:  Chase was Mario,

Sarah was a mom with 5 kids, Riley was a princess, Logan was a ninja and the twins were foxes!

Ray went as PVHS's student body president, Logan Cox.  Apparently he fooled a lot of people at the school.  Even Principal Mees came into his classroom to watch him teach.  It was awesome. 

Nick was a football player at the ward party but wore one of Bethany's dresses and went as a girl to school.  I'm glad he changed.

After the ward party we went to JoEllen's so the kids could trick or treat in their neighborhood.  It's nice and safe and we know everyone there.  Joel and I took David and Ben around to about 10 houses and called it good.  It was a super fun night. 

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