Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Trot @ Seegmiller Farm

So this year my kids have decided that they like to run.  Not love, yet.  But they want to be running because Joel is running.  There is always a Fun Run or a 5K with every half marathon he runs and we decided that we might as well do it and get in shape.  So when I saw that the Turkey Trot was in conjuction with the local Food Bank it was a no brainer to do.  The cost for kids 9 under was 3 cans of food and $5 plus three cans of food for 10 and up.  So we convinced JoEllen and her kids to come too.  Kyle and George had a computer competition at the University so they kept Matty.  JoEllen, Evan and Emily came running with us.  It was perfectly sunny and cold day.  We started out freezing and ended up sweating.   I was personally so proud of myself for actually finishing.
About 3 years ago JoEllen and I ran the Dixie Midnight 5K at the University.  We did fine until 2/3rds of the way in when we were pooped and knew that pretty much everyone else was already finished, so we "took a short cut" through campus and cut about half a mile off our route.  Our time was 48 minutes and I was glad that we did it in under an hour.  We wouldn't have if we didn't cheat.  The Turkey Trot was an out and back trail and about 2/3rds of the way in I said, "Let's turn around as soon as Joel passes us".  JoEllen, Sophie, Emily and Evan and I all ran together.  Josh took off at the beginning and I didn't see him until he passed us coming back.  He was ahead of us all!  Ben, Joel and David were not far behind him but I was so surprised to see Josh in the lead.  Ben can run for days.  I knew he'd be fine.  David is my sprinter and I thought he would have started out strong and ended up with me but he didn't.  He stayed with Joel and Ben.  He did great.  ANYWAY, as soon as Joel came running toward us I thought we were done but JoEllen and Sophie could see the turn around point just down the street and made us go all the way.  Here we are celebrating at the turn around point.  Evan didn't want to be in the picture.  He was embarrassed by us.
 At the very end there is one last turn and then you can see the finish line.  As soon as Evan hit that corner he took off so it didn't look like he was with us.  It was pretty funny.  The 4 of us girls crossed the finish line at 41:41!  A new Personal Record!!  By 7 whole minutes!!!  Josh finished at 30:15 and Joel and the boys crossed at 30:30.  I was very proud of Josh.  He didn't stop once.  I didn't know he had it in him.

After the race was over they had drawings for prizes and both families ended up with Frisbee's and Turkeys!  It was awesome!

When we got home we looked up online to see what we could run in Lehi on Turkey Day and sure enough, there's a Half Marathon with a 5K at Thanksgiving Point.  So we all signed up.  We'll let you know how it all turns out.

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