Saturday, November 2, 2013

Flag Football!

This year Joel was Ben's football coach.  They had a great time together.  Ben, we quickly found out, was a great quarterback.

And Nick was a great receiver.  Together they were awesome!  Nick could catch anything thrown to him.

 I love this picture.

Tyson Dinsmore could pull any flag the got close to him and was our fastest runner.  If he could get free he was always GONE.

Ben made a couple touchdowns this year too.

 They all had a fun time.  It was an amazing group of boys. 

This year David and Taiven were the oldest ones on their team.  They were split away from Josh Jensen's team and put with a bunch of Kindergarteners.  It wasn't very fun for them.  If they both weren't at the games then they lost.  The two of them made the team.  David usually was the quarterback and Tavien the receiver.   

Aren't they ADORABLE!  You'd never know what little stinkers they really were.

At the beginning of the season sister Alldredge started doing practices and asked Daniel to help coach.  Daniel had no patients with the kids.

See?  I thought this picture was hilarious!  He was so fed up by the end of this game.  He wanted to pull all of his hair out.

So Eric Roberts started coaching them.
He has the patience of Job and Daniel was happy to pass it over to him.
David loved playing.  He loved to throw the ball, run the ball and...

Pull peoples flags!  He would intentionally let him pass him so he could run them down and pull their flag because it made him look cooler.  He and Tavien as speed demons!  They are lightning fast.  When he and Joel got to the very last game, that he ended up getting 10 minutes late to because of the Homecoming parade, the score was something like 32 to ZERO.  They gave David the ball and on his first play he scored.  When they got the ball back again he scored again.  I think they scored one more time and still lost but it was fun to see.

I'm not sure if we'll do this again next year but we'll see.  Rugby starts up in May and we might just stick to that.  Thanks Eric, Daniel and sister Alldredge for a great season!

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