Sunday, September 14, 2014


I was thinking on Saturday why exactly do we do this Lowe's thing?  Brian works there but we don't go do it with his family.  His family doesn't do it.  The people that go are...I hate to say it...but I figure we are a part of it...a lower class of people.  I don't mean to belittle anyone who goes there.  I think it's awesome.  I think it's great that people think it's beneath them to go to something as trivial as a free craft at a hardware store.  That's fine with me because it means that it's yet another one of those things we do by ourselves that I don't want a lot of people to know about or they'll take it over.  We don't go to train our kids in the way of carpentry or the fine art of sticker placement.  We don't go for the certificate or patch they get when they are done, even though they are really cool.  We go to spend some time outside of our house with our kids.  Something different that we didn't have to plan.  It helps us all learn patience and understanding.  It's helped us all learn the importance of following directions...Josh.  Plus it's fun.

This Kalo in her 2 beautiful kids Lina and Siua.  We love them!  They are how we even found out and got started doing this.  Kalo spends every second she can with her kids.  She is an amazing example to me.  She is always looking for fun things to do with them and told me about this.  So we came along and now she can't get rid of us.  This project was from 3 weeks ago.  It was a puppet.  You hold the stick that comes out of his back and his arms and legs dangle about.  Josh was gone so Sophie got to make her own.  Josh is notorious for trying to make it without looking at the directions and he ALWAYS messes up.

 It came with a bunch of cut outs that you can use so the robot can trample on them.  Ben loved it.

 Yesterday we made binoculars!  They were awesome!  Josh decided not to build one himself and he let Sophie do it.  He help Ben out instead.  It was great to see them work together.  They'd never do that at home.  We got there early, which we never do, because David's flag football game started at 11.  So we needed to get in and get out.  But when you're there early sometimes all of the tables are full so you just sit down and make them on the floor. 

Once they got them done we were really surprised at how well they really worked.  And how big they made your eyeball look!  You know the guinea pig on the movie Bedtime Stories, Bugsy?  Yep.  That's what they looked like.

But when you turn them around the other way your eyes look super tiny.

 OK, so here is an example of how well they work.  See the blue sign waaay down the aisle above the guy wearing a red shirts head?  Now look through the binoculars.  Cool huh?

 Kalo and her cute kids showed up as we were just getting done.

 And of course the certificate and badge after you get all done.  You can't forget that.

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