Sunday, September 7, 2014

Southern Utah Half Marathon! 2014

Last Saturday Josh ran his first ever half marathon!  Of course he ran it with Joel, John and Kristal and Brian.  John also brought Alex, one of the kids from Red Rock to run it.  The course started out at the Highland Park on the top of the Coral Canyon Ridge and went down the trails to the Bloomington Hills Park.  It started nice and early at 6am so that no one got  heat stroke.  The first aid station was just down the road from us at Sullivan Park.  We drove down there and almost missed Joel and Josh came flying past us right after I had turned off my camera.  He was only a minute behind Joel.  The sprinklers where on so it looks spotty.

The next stop for us was right below the Wells', across from Heritage Elementary.  We drove over, dropped Ben and David off to wake up the Wells kids to bring them down but they were sound a sleep.  Joel passed and 1 minuted later here came Josh.

After they passed we hurried over to the Dixie Center to the little park there just in time to see them come through Red Rock's Aid Station.  Joel was able to wipe himself down with a cold wet towel before he took off over the bridge off to Bloomington Hills Park to the finish.

Josh once again was right behind him.  Each time we cheered him on and told him he could catch him.

The we raced over to the finish line and didn't have long to wait until we saw Joel come around the corner.

It was so crazy to see Josh still just barely behind him.  Josh said he was going as fast as his body could go.

 These next two pictures I love because Josh is raising his arms in the first one and Joel is raising his in the second one.  It was awesome!

Joel ended up beating him by 48 seconds.  Next time for sure Josh will get him.  But even still, running a 1:47 for your first half marathon is ridiculous!   Good Job!!!


 Here is Kristal crossing the finish line and her and Josh afterwards.

Ben and David were practicing there Ninja moves on the playground while they we waiting to see if anyone had won an award.  Joel thought he just might have this year in the Clydesdale division.

Here are Joel and Josh standing on the podium like the champs they are waiting to see if they won anything and wouldn't you know it, they started with the youngest and Josh took 1st in his age group!!!  Nice Job!  He got a plaque, a couple gift certificates and a pair of neon green running socks.  Sophie wanted to steal them.


 Alex was the next age group and he took 2nd place.

 John took 2nd in his age group too!
 And last but not least JOEL BECKSTRAND took 1st PLACE in the Clydesdale Division!  Woo Hoo!

 That's a lot of plaques!!!!  What a way to represent.  
Here are a bunch of the pictures that the So.U Half took.  They are awesome!

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