Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I hate physics!

I hate physics! And I've decided to blame everything for it! For instance this morning while I was making waffles it wasn't Josh who spilled the syrup all over my rug and kitchen floor. It was the gravity that made it flow down to the ground. And the shaker with waffle mix in it that exploded while I was moping the floor wasn't because I forgot to open the lid after shaking the crap out of it. It was because of the laws of physics and the chemical reactions that were made. The fact that the waffle mix was all over my cupboards, ceiling and in my hair...physics. I am no longer blaming my kids or myself for anything we do. It's all because of physics!


R Clan said...

Sounds like a fun morning. :) Don't you just love those days. I guess that physics is a good way at looking at all the mishaps too.

Gough Clan said...

You crack me up. I am so sorry for the disasters you had. I HATE those days. Hope all is well now.