Thursday, March 12, 2009


Oh my word! I am so glad that I talked to her about all of this before we went. It was crazy. One lady ho hummed about it and didn't make any sense at all and the other lady was so technical that the girls needed a dictionary to figure out what she was saying. Sophie just rolled her eyes and said, "this is boring." I never went to Shayne's because I had emergency gall bladder surgery the day before and couldn't get out of bed. So, this was new for me. I'm glad that Sophie is my last girl. Joel gets to go with the boys!


R Clan said...

I still have a few years to look forward to all that fun stuff. :) I still remember mine from way back when. Oh the fun things we get to do as parents.

Greg and Mel said...

Blech! I didn't even like mine! I have gall bladder problems, maybe mine will rupture the day before ella's program..he he he

Shana said...

NOT looking forward to it either. I have one year left to get Laynee prepared. Glad you survived!