Friday, March 6, 2009

Smart Kids

Sophie and Josh both got an award at school today for being ranked in the top 10% of the nation in the Iowa standard testing! I am so happy that my kids didn't get any of my genes. Not that my parents aren't smart, I just got the stupid leftovers. It's like the movie "Twins" with Arnold Swartenagger and Danny DeVito. I'm Danny. I guess I was smart enough to marry someone who is super smart. That counts for something doesn't it?


Gough Clan said...

That is so cool. I absolutely love their picture. Your kids are adorable.

Spencer said...

Wow, that's do you like living in Iowa?

ashley said...

K are they twins? No wait just like 12 months apart right?? HA! They are so cute I cannot beleive how light their hair is! Congrats to the smarty pants that is awesome!