Monday, June 6, 2011

Eskimo Blanket FHE

The first Monday of every month we have a combined FHE with Joel's family. We go in order of age as to who is in charge each month. This month it was us. Usually you invite everyone over to your house and have a nice sit down lesson. But, because we live the furthest away and have the smallest living room, we try to get creative. So we had in on the back lawn of Mike and Elaine's. It was a goregous day! Joel had borrowed the Eskimo blanket from work to use for his lesson. An Eskimo blanket is like a trampoline but the person on it doesn't jump. They get thrown. Everyone holds onto the side and pulls out launching them towards the sky. Joel had a great lesson on how we need others especially the Lord to as high as we can/were we need to be.

Doing the little kids was easy and fun but everyone got a little nervous as we moved into the adults. This is Jacob.

This is Pat flying through the air but without his plane. This other picture is of him and the nieces and Nephews. They LOVE to do thumb wars and play rock, paper, scissors with Pat.





We even got Joel up and proved that with help anything can happen.

This is Josh. He definitely went the highest. It was a lot of fun.

Click on any picture to see it up close and see the horror on their faces!

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