Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day I took the kids to the park for dinner and a game of baseball.

We have this little Fisher Price pitching machine and played 3 on 3. We made the bases about 20 feet apart so Shayne didn't have to run far or fast.

It was a lot of fun until the very end when David was mad that his team got 3 outs and threw a fit. "I'm walking home!" He screamed 4 different times. I tried to explain that we have to take turns and he knows the three out rule because he just played city league baseball but he was just mad and kept yelling it so I said, "Good! Go!" Then he stopped and looked around and realized he had no idea where he was so he just walked back to the van.

After, we went to Wells house to celebrate George's 11th Birthday. We bought him this rocket shooter from the Cotton Days Carnival and he loved it. You put water in the bottom of a water bottle and hold it on a pipe. Then the other person uses a bike pump to pump air into it until it explodes into the air. Almost all of them went higher than the house. It was really cool.

One of the main reasons we bought it was because we knew Kyle would take one look at it and be able to make it for $2. That way he could make one for my kids. Kyle was excited because he didn't have an idea for scouts this month and know he does!

This was Matty's reaction to the rockets shooting. A side note - Matty is wearing an outfit that I sewed myself for SHAYNE! It also has a hat that matches.

This is another photo of Matty the next day in her own fancy outfit. This girl LOVES to accessorize!

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