Monday, June 27, 2011

LSP Reunion in A.F. Canyon!!!

I LOVE this reunion! We only have it every 2 or 3 years and when we do it is AMAZING! My Dad has an older Sister Pauline (aunt Polly - Lucero's). When my Dad was 4 his Dad died of Tuberculosis form working in the coal mines and left my grandma alone to raise these 2 beautiful kids. 8 years later she married Harold Schow and a year after that she had a baby girl named Barbra (Aunt Barb - Peck's). Harold died not long after that and she was alone again never to remarry. Well, from that 1 amazing woman there are 102 people that are members of our family. 3 of which are no longer living. Out of the 99 people we had 76 people there. It was incredible! All from the oldest ( left to right, not from oldest to youngest - Aunt Barb, Aunt Polly, My Mom and My Dad)

to the youngest (Adams twins Allie and Ethan) who are darling!

76 of us up American Fork Canyon having the time of our lives, freezing to death, but doing it together. We got up there Saturday the 18th just in time for dinner. We would have been up sooner but the girls and I were still up in Hatch. We got home from Girls Camp at noon and jumped in the shower while Joel and the boys unloaded and reloaded the van. Then we got back in all clean and ready to go camping again for another 4 days. Sunday it rained and rained and rained. So we ate breakfast and went down into town to dry sleeping bags and clothes and play games at Aunt Barb's. It was really fun. The little kids played whiffleball in the front yard in the rain and the rest of us stayed in.

We had dinner and around 7pm the rained completely stopped and we headed back up the canyon. We made a big fire and talked about Granny Schow and told stories that we remembered about her. Jan wasn't able to be there so she wrote up a little thing and had me read it to everyone. I cried like a baby. Jan did a play on my grandma's life about 10 years ago. It is called Breathless. When she was writing it she asked my Aunt Polly if she had any information on Granny that she could see. Well, Aunt Polly pulled out Granny's journal from 1977-1981. Jan kept it. I pulled it out at the reunion and we all had a great experience looking back on her life and ours through her eyes. Her journal wasn't much to her. She just talked about the weather, her blood sugar and weight and the family. But, every page was extremely special to us. Shayne and I are now in the process of interpreting that journal (sometimes her hand writing was hard to read) so that we can give everyone a copy of there own to love and cherish. Like we do her.

Monday was a gorgeous day! We played softball,

Used Joel's Eskimo blanket - Cinco (Phillip) has the new record for the highest throw.

Painted fingernails,

Braided hair - Jaxson-

Had a moose come into camp,

and of course played horseshoes.

It was so much fun. We had a great time just relaxing. Some people went down to the reservoir to fish for awhile while the rest of us played games or colored with the little kids - thanks Shayne and Katie. It was so nice to just sit and talk and not have to have things scheduled or lessons to do or go to. Girls Camp was great but when it comes to family, time is needed to just sit and enjoy each others company. You can bond so much by just talking to each other. Especially with those who you don't see very often. I can hardly wait for another 2 or 3 years till we all get together again.

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Jim Lucero said...

Thanks, Penny, for putting these few thoughts together. They are especially good for those of us poor souls who couldn't attend this go-around. But we're excited to pick up our Chase off his mission in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2 weeks!! we love the family and hope to be able to see everyone soon. Love you!