Saturday, July 2, 2011

I hate Vehicles!

My Dad has a saying that I've adopted. "When I die and wake up to see cars I know I've gone to Hell." I can't stand our Blue Van. It is always falling apart. Nothing huge but just light after light not working, blinker after blinker, tire after tire and now for some reason the light cover on the back decided to melt off. Here we was most recent problems:

The day before girls camp I found a screw in my tire. It wasn't flat but was leaking. Went to get it fixed and they showed me on a different tire that the wire was showing in one little spot that I didn't see so I had to buy a new tire.

Went to the Dentist on Tuesday. Went in, came out 2 hours later and my tire was so flat that it was sitting on the rim. I couldn't see anything wrong with it. But with the kindness of an old stranger he helped my put the spare on and off I went to get it fixed. The cause of the problem - It MELTED! That's it. No hole, no leak, nothing. It just melted. Had to buy a new one.

So now I have 4 brand new tires. So I think I'm done having car problems but, no.

I took our YW to the Vegas Temple the nest day, Wednesday. Had an amazing time. (See next blog) But on the way home right before I got into the gorge I looked in my side mirror to see my light cover flapping in the wind. I nearly slammed on my brakes and pulled of the road and grabbed it. It was hanging on for dear life with 1 inch of adhesive. The problem - It MELTED! The stupid black glue holding it on just melted in the heat and it was falling off. What the heck! Really? I didn't think it was that hot of a day in Vegas. 105 probably but that's not bad. It was windy so it felt good.

So the moral to my story (complaint) is this:
The Lord does watch out for us. If I had taken my van up to Girls Camp without seeing the screw in it for sure the tire would have been flat and the worn one may have blown out. Maybe on the way down Cedar Mountain and killed us all. The Melted tire would have definitely melted in Vegas and ruined our beautiful experience with my YW. As for the Light cover, I think He threw that in just for fun. Lucky Me!

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