Tuesday, July 19, 2011

End of Softball

Joel's men league softball is over. The tournament was last week and Joel had 5 boys out on home visits so they were short some players. So, Joel asked Kyle to play with them and Tom was in town so he invited him to play too. It was great except for the first game. In the second inning Tom went to catch a ball out in left center and his right hand got in the way and either broke his pinkie in two places or dislocated it at the top two knuckles. Either way it was totally deformed. Tom grabbed it and pulled the tip of it pack into place but couldn't get the other part of it back so he called time out and ran up to Kyle who yanked on it really hard and popped it back into place. I got a bag of ice and went into the umpires room and got some tape to tape his fingers together. I looked for a splint but couldn't find one. Tom was done. He iced it for the rest of the game.

Jenny and the boys didn't come for the game because they were getting ready to go see the Little Mermaid at Tuacahn and knew that if we won we'd have to play again right after and they'd get to see that game. But when they got there all they found was Tom icing his finger that was already starting to bruise. I felt so bad. I did go to the concession stand and find a plastic knife that we ended up using for a splint. Needless to say they lost that game.

Joel's team won the next game and lost the third. So out of 6 teams they took 4th. Which was amazing considering they lost their first 3 games of the season by the 15 run rule. They should be very proud of themselves.

Kyle said he was so sore the next day because he hadn't played in such a long time. I think we need to get a family team going every year so the men can have fun playing and we can have fun watching.

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