Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BFR 2011

Happy 4th of July and the start of the Beckstrand Family Reunion. We went up to Pine Valley and stayed in a cabin we rented from the 4th-6th. It was gorgeous weather and the house and yard were so much fun. They had it all. 2 t.v.'s just for video games. 4 different systems and over a hundred games. Needless to say, that is where you could find the boys, especially Alex, night or day. They also had a pool table and theatre room. Outside there was a zip line for little kids,

ping pong table,

volleyball net and tons of room for games, tents and all around fun.

Of course there was arm wrestling

and hangin' out with the cousins.

This years theme was, "Prepare yourself in every needful thing". Everyday Garrett would give 2 little lessons on being prepared in every way not just with your food storage. It was really good especially for the teenagers who thought that being prepared was only for the parents.

When we first got there Kellie and Garrett had us split into groups and we were with that group the entire reunion. Which of course makes it fun because of the competitive streak that runs through the Beckstrand Boys bloodstream. Each group had equal amounts of little kids and I really enjoyed seeing how the big kids dealt with that. As parents we deal. Teenagers usually run. But I loved watching Jaden help Ben with every relay race and Bryce helped David and Kai. I think of how Joel always talks about how he looked up to Brent and Mark when he was little and know that our little boys will do the same to the teenagers.

This is our Green Team.

On Friday morning Garrett & Lance took Joel, Me & kids, Kristal, John and kids, Brian and his boys, Grandpa, Ashley and Erica fishing up at the Pine Valley Reservoir. Joel, Shayne and Sophie caught their first fish! EVER! Ben caught 6. David didn't fish. He had fun catching everyone's as they pulled them out of the water. It was awesome! 24 fish in all. Garrett spent time teaching Josh how to gut and clean the fish and whatever else he needed to pass off part of his fishing merit badge.

Joel brought his Eskimo Blanket from school and we had a blast. What was the funniest was listening to Grandma's gasps each time someone was flung into the air.

From the look on Debra's face makes you think she went the highest. But...

It was amazing that everyone was there except Daniel and Stephen's family. What a fun time and the memories made will last forever!

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