Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Desert Stars 2011

It's that time of year again. Desert Stars. Abby came down with the Lucero's to do the week long class. Isaac brought his friend, Guy and his cousin on Jenny's side, Lucy. The 5 of them had a great time together. Guy and Isaac stayed over night Thursday and I don't think they got any sleep at all but they still had a great performance.

JoEllen's 3 oldest kids and My 4 youngest all did Desert Stars 2 weeks later. It was funny to watch. They did a great job. I was especially proud of Ben. He really did well in the dances and paid attention. David and Evan were a different story. At one part they are supposed to show off some mad skills and so they both did "handstands". They really just put their hands on the ground and kicked their feet up. But, one time Evan got a little carried away and happened to fall over. He immediately jumped up, yelled "I'm otay!" and went back to dancing and singing. It was so funny. Brad just happened to be in town to see it and couldn't stop laughing. 10 minutes later, after he'd calmed down, you'd hear Shayne whisper, "I'm otay" and he'd start laughing again. They all had a great time. Thanks Aunt Jan for having such a wonderful program for us to all act out and not get in trouble for it.

I tried so hard to upload the videos of their performance but it won't let me. Sorry. Believe me when I say it was incredible!

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