Sunday, June 26, 2011

Girls Camp!

Our Washington Utah Stake Girls Camp this year was June 15th-18th. Here is a picture of our wonderful 5th Ward.

I am just writing about it now because I have been super busy. We went up to the Wilson's property in Hatch again because Cedar Mountain had too much snow still. Well, I love Hatch. I think that Girls Camp is amazing every year. Not because of where it is but because of the spirit and closeness it brings to God and to each other.
As soon as we got there we found 3 different snakes, all harmless Mom, and Bro. Allen kindly moved them to a different location.

The first night there we had Katie Cluff come up and give a Fireside about her experinces when she was a YW and how it changed her life. It was so good for those girls to hear that they need to hold strong to the gospel and to help all those around them do the same.

The Wilson's have this great homemade waterside that the girls and leaders had fun sliding down. This is our Stake YW President, Renee Cram. She is in our ward and we love her!

We had lots of crafts, games, singing, scripture reading and lessons on how we are Princess's because our Father is the King and how to get our Happily Ever After. It was amazing!
Our ward was White, FAITH. My lessons was about frogs and how sometimes we have to have faith that if we "kiss a frog" things will get better. Are we willing to give up Better for Best? Then we made a frog to hang out door knob and on the back wrote F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God. Faith is to fully rely on God and know that if you are doing what he asks then everything will work out. Then I gave them all bracelets that had F.R.O.G. on it with a cute little frog. F.R.O.G. is the new W.W.J.D.

We did lots of certifying and we learned of a new app on my phone that if you hold it up to the night sky and line it up with a star it will not only tell you what star that is but will show you every constellation including the ones that we can't see that are on the other side of the earth. It's awesome! The 2nd year girls had to do a flag ceremony and they did a wonderful job.

This years YW theme is the 13th Article of Faith so every day we were seeking a way to find our Happily Ever After. Friday was seeking Purity and President Ellsworth and Bro. Koeven were the Sesame Street Martians helping a girl know what was pure and what wasn't. It was Hilarious!

Our Stake Presidency is incredible. On Saturday morning they and Brother Lewis all spoke and each one talked about a different Princess and sang a fun little song to go along with it. Bro. Koeven's was Snow White's "Once Upon A Dream." Bro. Lewis talked about Enchanted and sang "How do you know that He loves you?" It was darling. Pres. Ellsworth didn't want to sing and ended up singing a tiny bit and talking about Princess Bride and how Wesley always said, "As you wish", and how the girls should be looking for there prince to be a worthy priesthood holder that will love her like the princess she is and take her to the Temple. It was so neat to see them talk to the girls and see the girls faces light up. They are truly called of God to help out our stake.

There is so much more to talk about but I will have to stop and leave you with these 2 pictures. The first one is of Shayne and I with Sophie in the Background. We were just goofing around at first to get a good picture and then she moved into the background which made for a funny picture. Well, funny for me and Shayne but not for Sophie. She looks sad. Hahaha! The next picture is the 3 of us on a swing there at camp. I LOVED being there for the second year in a row with both my girls. I know that this will be my last year with them. Unless, I get called to be the Ward Camp Director and Shayne is still around next summer. We've learned in this family that you cannot make plans for your life because we don't know what the Lord has in store for us. All we can do is to live righteously so He can use us for whatever he needs us to do.


Dan and Katie said...

I have been waiting for this post!! I wanted to hear about all the fun happenings up there......and since no one has talked about it at church, your blog was my only hope!! What a fun time- and I love your FROG thing!! I'm so stealing it and putting it on my boys wall!!

Ashley said...

That's awesome that you get to be there with your girls! I loved being at camp with my mom. Yay for girls camp!