Monday, May 30, 2011

Baseball Season!

It's my favorite time of year! Baseball Season! Love it!

This year for some reason I missed Little League sign ups for Sophie and Josh. But Ben and David both are playing and Joel is finally playing again. YES!!! You may not have known this but I fell in LOVE with Joel under the pretense that he was a baseball player. He reffed games and was on 3 different softball teams (1 fast pitch and 2 slow) when we were dating. It was hot! For the first 7 years of our marriage either he was on a team or we were on a co-ed team together. Since then he has played on the Wells family team once but somewhere along the way softball/baseball got pushed aside. But he's back! His work put together a co-ed team and a guys team. Co-ed plays Wednesdays and the guys play Thursday double headers. It looks like there will be a short period of getting back into the grove of things but I am so excited! I'm glad that the boys can watch their Dad play a sport that doesn't have me taking them out half way through due to bad mouthing the refs or swearing on the court.

To me Baseball is much more civilized than basketball will ever be. I know that there are those who disagree but it is a fact that the last basketball game I went to with Joel he got kicked out and he wasn't even playing! I do NOT want my boys to see that side of Joel. I want them to see the smile on his face as he steps up to the base or as he pitches the perfect strike right over home plate and the way he cheers on his teammates and buoys others up. That's what I want my boys to see. That's what I want to see.

This is David's first year and he definitely has a knack for baseball. It will be fun to watch him grow up and play more. As you can tell from this picture sometimes he looses focus and tries to see how high he can throw his mitt and still catch it. He is having a blast and the fact that Evan, Owen and Tavien are all on his team makes it that much more fun.

Ben somehow forgot a couple things from last year but after some good practices with Dad he's doing much better. He also has some kids from our ward on his team so that makes it really fun too.

Taye and Kai are playing in St. George and we were able to see one of their games on a night that Ashely also played.

This family is loaded with athletes! I love to sit outside on a nice cool spring day and watch them all have fun.

I will get better pictures of Joel but it was late and the night lights don't work well with my camera. I will post more of him later.

Josh, this week went to football camp at Pine View High School. He had a great time learning how to hit and tackle. He found that he doesn't want to be a receiver. He wants to take someone down! Which is funny because that is totally not his personality. Being raised with 2 big sisters doesn't make you very tough. Maybe this will toughen him up a little. I don't want it to change him to much because he is the sweetest, kindest, best behaved boy I know and I don't want that to ever change.

This summer Sophie will have Girls Camp, Swim Team and a Volleyball camp as well.
Shayne will be recovering this summer and trying to regain everything she lost before school swim season starts again. She has already missed the Las Vegas Memorial meet that has been a tradition since she started swimming. It was really hard for her to know that her friends where all there without her. But she will return with a vengeance! Watch out Desert Hills. Shayne will kick your butt next season!


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