Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Wow today was awesome! We got up at 8am and hurried to be to church at 9. We were all so tired especially after not getting home until midnight from the Ironman. After church we had breakfast - Waffles with fresh strawberries! I didn't even have to make them. Although, I did have to clean up. Oh well. Then I took a NAP! Wooo Hooo! Then at 3:30 we went over to JoEllen's to have a B-B-Q. Kyle had gotten some new cedar planks to grill on that he wanted to test out with some salmon. Oh man, it was to die for! Melt in your mouth perfection. He also did some chicken for the kids who don't like salmon and I had some of it too and again...amazing! That boy can grill! Then we had strawberry cheesecake and/or chocolate birthday cake and ice cream for David. Diet starts Monday right? Then we came back home and everyone crashed! I don't think that there was anyone awake at 7 o'clock. We were all so tired. But we had a great time!
For Mother's Day I got a couple rose yellow rose bushes from Shayne. I've been asking for them since we moved in and now I have them. I need to get them in the ground now but where? I also got a couple books and some great homemade gifts from the kids from church and school. Joel took me on Saturday to pick out some amazing lilies from Costco. Then I took them home and arranged them. They are gorgeous! It was a great Mother's Day and I'm glad to have such a great husband and great kids that love me regardless of my faults.

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