Friday, May 27, 2011

Carpal Tunnel x2

On Wednesday the 18th Jan had Carpal Tunnel surgery on BOTH wrists. Which made it impossible for her to even feed herself not to mention other things. Her surgery wasn't until the afternoon so JoEllen took her to it and Andy picked her up. Then Thursday and Friday JoEllen and I took shifts. JoEllen would come drop Matty and Evan off around 8:30am and go help until 1pm and then she'd come pick them and David up and take them to her house and I'd take the 1 -5 shift or until Andy got home. It worked out great but she also had to make a wedding cake for a friend from work that weekend. And she made a cake the weekend before for another friend from work. Here is the one before surgery

Here is Jan after the surgery with her hands all bandaged up sitting with the dogs that wouldn't leave her alone.

The co-worker that was getting married after the surgery is in her 30's and didn't want a traditional wedding cake. She wanted cheesecake! Who doesn't? But as a wedding cake? To each his own. But Jan had never made a cheesecake. Paula is our cheesecake queen so none of us have even tried. So before the surgery Jan tried a couple different recipes and found the one that worked the best. And she also made a bunch of different sized roses and leaves in white frosting to place on top.
Thursday, I was in charge of making the 2 big cheesecakes. Raspberry and Strawberry. Now keep in mind that Jan was the only one to premake them. So they worked for her and we hoped they'd work for me. So, Jan told me what to do and I did it.

This picture was day 2 and she was feeling better.

Friday morning was JoEllen's turn with the 2 little caramel pecan cheesecakes. They were to DIE for. On the bottom she put pecans that were caramelized and Andy had made homemade caramel to drizzle over them, then cheesecake, then more caramel and pecans, then more cheesecake. They were delicious! Later that night Andy made the 2 little chocolate ones. Oh My! It was heavenly.

So staurday night, Jan and Andy took the cake to the reception canter to put it all together. Jan told Andy what to do and he did it. With everyone's help this is what it ended up looking like: GORGEOUS!

Here is what Jan's hands looked like after the bandages came off. Not so gorgeous.

This is a cake that she did a couple months ago for our friend Emily. It was gorgeous too!

Feel free to click on any picture to see it in better detail.

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R Clan said...

Those cakes are beautiful. I love the cheesecake idea. Yum!