Friday, May 20, 2011

Spelling Bee, End of year Program & Graduation and Party!

I loved spelling bee's when I was in elementary school. I would practice and practice. My favorite word to spell was assassin. I thought it was awesome that I could spell that word and no one could yell at me. So, when Ben brought home his spelling list I got all excited. But Ben didn't. He didn't want anything to do with it. So, a week later when he came home from school and told me he won I didn't believe him. It wasn't until I went through his backpack and saw the letter from his teacher that I got excited. They had a class spelling bee and he won and the top5 from each class were going on to the entire 1sr grade spelling bee. So, I got out the list and we studied for about 10 mintues until he was sick of it and he promised me he'd do the rest of it later that night. Which he didn't. The next day they invited the parents to come to the finals and they crammed us into this small room. Ben lasted 5 rounds spelling words like catch and . His downfall was on the word know. He didn't listen to the sentence and spelled it no. But he ended up in 9th out of the entire 1st grade and we were very proud of him. After it was over they all got a certificate and a bag of candy and started to head back to class. I went up and gave him a hug and he started to cry. He felt so bad. So I motioned to Joel to come over and he told him what a good job he did and gave him a hug and calmed him down. I felt so bad. The little stinker. Later that night we had a lesson on actually studying and why it's important. I hope he remembers it.

Yesterday was the end of year program and graduation. It was very patriot and they did a great job singing.

Today was Wii day. To celebrate all of their hard work Ms. Rogers bought pizza and let them play Guitar Hero and whatever else they brought from home. Ben was so excited to tell us all about it when he got home.

It was an awesome year and Ms. Rogers was an excellant teacher. Now on to summer and trying to get them to keep up on some math and reading. Right? I doubt it'll happen but I gotta try.

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