Monday, May 9, 2011

John is an IRONMAN!

Last year we volunteered at the first Bike Aide station at the Ironman.

It was short, fast, fun and exciting. This year we volunteered at Run Aide Station #7 which was at the turn around point where they went back to the start and then had to come back to us again before they could head down to the finish line. It was hot and grueling and agonizing to watch. It was not as inspirational as I had thought. We saw a lot of people struggling and wondered if they'd even make it.

At one point as we were handing out popsicles I looked up to see Joel's missionary companion and good friend of ours Jed Brian competing. I was shocked because he never told us he was even doing it. So I started walking with him and he said that he just signed up 3 weeks ago. We looked all over for Joel but couldn't find him so I just kept walking with Jed. And it was a good thing I did. About 100 yards away from our station his right calf cramped up and stopped him cold. He had to sit down and I rubbed it out for a minute or two and then the suburban that takes people off the course came by but Jed was determined to finish so they said they'd be back later. So, Jed tried to stand up and he walked a few steps and was down gain. I was really nervous for him. The Ironman also had golf carts driving all over the course helping people that had stopped and one came to us and gave Jed a banana and some water. Just then Joel came by with John and was as surprised as me if not more to see Jed. He gave him a quick hug and said that he'd go with John down through the Aide Station and then come back to help Jed up and walk with him. So Jed sat there for awhile and said he was feeling better. Then he said something about how cool the birds were here and we (golf cart helpers and I) agreed. The Jed said, "look how cool that hawk is right there". So we looked up and there was nothing but blue skies. Not even a cloud that could have looked like a hawk. It was scary. I asked him where and he said, "right there!" He was kind of getting upset that we couldn't see it and I looked at the golf cart driver and he gave me one of shoulder shrug head shakers like "he's out of it." Then Jed said, "Where'd it go?" It wasn't good. But he said he felt better and the golf cart left. Joel came a couple minutes later and we helped Jed up. He started to walk with Joel so I said goodbye and that we'd see him after and they left. Well, I should have stayed with them. not to far down the road Jed stopped again. He told Joel and John to keep going so they did and Jed knew he was done. The paramedics helped him up and took him down to the medic station and gave him an I.V. and he stayed there for a least a half an hour then they took him to his hotel. Well, a little while later John and Joel crossed the finish line (9:20ish) and Jed was no where to be found. We checked with the medic table and they hadn't had him on the list as drop outs yet so we went to find him. I took Joel up to the top of Bluff street and he started to run back up the course top find him. I drove up to our station and helped take everything down. A half an hour later Joel showed up and said that Jed was fine and he told me the whole story. We called Jed and Joel talked to him. He said that he was doing better and not to worry. Jed has done 4 other Ironman competitions and thought that this one would be fine but without the proper training and heat of the day his body was done. He said he'd never felt that way and thought that it was crazy that he couldn't finish the last 6 miles when he had already gone 134. But we are all glad that he is fine and recovering nicely.

John was SUPERMAN! He got out of the water right when he had planned to. Got off his bike right when he planned to and finished right around his goal time for that too. It was amazing! He looked really good and was in a great mood. We are all so proud of him and his dedication. The next day he and Kristal took their kids to Carlsbad for a week and then to Disneyland for a nice, big, long, much needed vacation.

#1 - Emily Evan and Sophie handing out ice cold rags
#2 - Daivid and Ben handing out cold sponges
#3 - George mostly playing with the rags
#4 - Sophie, Megan, Emily and a whole bunch more of us
#5 - Me and Ellen on recycling duty
#6 - Sophie with more rags
#7 - Jason, James and Joel walking with John
#8 - Joel cheering on our friend Dale Ipson (Austin's Dad)
#9 - Jed trying to recover
#10 - Joel and John at the finish line
#11 - John on the first 7 miles of the marathon. Going strong!

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That is awesome. What an accomplishment.