Monday, May 23, 2011

Josh's Graduation. On to Intermediate School!

Josh got the 100% Attendance Award this year and let me tell you it was hard to do. We had to rearrange a couple different trips up north to make sure he didn't miss a day. It must be a Beckstrand thing because us Shelton's tried to miss as much school as we could without getting in trouble.

This is his 5th grade class singing their school song one last time. Kinda sad.

This is Josh and Mr. Staheli comparing suits. They both looked great!

Josh's Graduation certificate after he walked through the W.

Mr Ivie is Josh's amazing 5th grade teacher. We have loved having him. He is all about Math and that is just what Josh needed. It was a great year.

Next year I will have Shayne at Pine View High. Sophie at Pine View Middle. Josh at Fossil Ridge Intermediate and Ben and David at Washington Elementary. 4 different schools! Yikes!

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