Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Baseball Season!  Ben loved his team.  It's the same team he's had for 3 years.  He's definitely one of those 
kind of kids who need the comfort of knowing people.

He's getting really good at fielding.  In fact the neighbor girl, Lilly, was playing shortstop and every time it was hit to her she'd throw it to Ben at first base and they'd get an out.  At one point their own coach said, "Ben stop getting everyone out so they can play."  It was funny.

 Baseball season comes and goes fast around here for Pee Wee's.  The games are Tuesdays and Saturdays with practice on Thursday.  David had fun with Evan and all his friends from the ward on the team.  Here is Evan hitting.
 Kyle was one of the coaches and here he is telling Evan to run to second but Evans pants kept falling down.  You can click on it to see a bigger picture.  Kyle was trying not to laugh.
 This is Taiven rounding third and being the catcher.  The position all the kids wanted because you get to touch the ball EVERY time.
 This is Dominque.  He was awesome and he'll even let you know.  He's in my Primary class with Logan.  Logan is the one in the green plaid shorts.  He was just happy to be there.  He constantly smiled but I don't know how much of the concept of the game he actually learned.  But the point of the whole thing is for them to have fun right?  They did!

  Kyle showed all the kids how hard they needed to swing by holding the bat and making then try to pull it away.  I worked really well.  Our team hit the ball more than any other team.  We were the best team by far.


Here they are all standing around waiting for someone on the other team to get a hit so they can all run to it to see who gets it first.


Here is David throwing the ball to first and thinking he's a hot shot because if you go through your line up then the last hitter gets to run the bases and if you don't get out then of course it was a homerun!  And it was his turn in the very last game to be the last hitter.  Here are his buddies cheering him on.  They were darling.

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