Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sand Hollow with Red Rock

Joel's work had a last minute summer party at Sand Hollow Reservoir.  It was supposed to be a nice little bring your family b-b-q but ended up being so much more.  We love the Habibian family and feel like they are part of our family so of course we went.  

Frank is in the orange tank top.

John and Kristal and kids came to and they were just 5 minutes in front of us and John was on the phone saying he couldn't find where on the shore Red Rock had set up.  He drove passed a HUGE party of 200 college aged kids that was going on and kept going until he ran out of places to look so as he was coming back he noticed his boss right down by the party.  So we pulled up and parked next to them and sure enough Red Rock had set up right next to a SUU summer party marathon.  They had a volleyball net up in the water, boats, jet skis, a huge b-b-q/food area and they even had a DJ pumping out great music.  It was awesome.  The Habibians knew exactly what they were doing by setting up there.  Half of the entertainment was provided for them.  We did have a jet ski which was really fun and a fishing boat that some of the guys used to see if they could catch anything but I think there where to many speed boats and people out on the lake to scare off the fish. 


 Sherman cooked up some hamburgers and we had fruit and chips and cookies and 2 coolers full of water, Gatorade and whatever you wanted to drink.  It was perfect. 

 We were there for 4 hours and would have stayed longer but we had 2 baptisms that evening in our ward so we had to head out.  It was really fun.  I'm glad that our kids are able to spend time with our Red Rock family.  It's really nice when they know who their Dad is spending his time with.  

 They also had a great time playing with their cousins.  I loved to watch Sophie, Kali and Mary.

Here they are making Princess Peach's castle.

 Here they are burying each other. Alex is a Mermaid!

And of course a trip to Sand Hollow wouldn't be complete without a sandcastle/thing.  Elaine taught us all how to make drippy trees with the sand.  They turn out really cool.

Can you see the face?

Then the chicken fights started.  I told John I'd put this picture in here for him.  
Look at all the muscles!  He's ripped!

 Lots of fun had by all!  Thanks Red Rock!

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