Friday, June 8, 2012

Grad Night!

Grad Night started at 10pm and went until 4am.  Joel and I were there for most of it.  Joel bailed out at 2:30.  I was in it for the long haul.  It went really well.  We had close to 200 kids and fun was had by all.  As the kids checked in they were given a grad night shirt and a lanyard that had a number on it.  The number coincided with at bag in the Coat room where when they won a prize they could take it and they lady in charge would put it in their bag until the night was through.  It worked really well.  No one had to hold onto prizes or make sure they didn't get taken by someone by mistake.

Speaking of prizes...they had a ton!  They had about 50 $15 itunes cards, all kind of restaurant gift cards, vise gift cards and even 4 $50 gas cards!  That was just to name a few.  There were 4 different places or games you could play to win instant prizes.  Then we had ping pong, surfboard races, Double Dutch ropes, Hula Hoops, Limbo, and a couple other things you could do to win a prize.  We also had things just for fun like Sumo Wrestling, an obstacle course, huge blow up slide, Lazer Tag, Wii games and Karaoke and a photo booth to pass the time.  Believe it or not the time flew by. 

 Shayne and Kilee Jones wrestled and everyone was watching to see who would win.  Kilee was the Student Body Pres. and has the same kind of dominant personality as Shayne so they kinda butted heads all year.  The topic of who would win in a fight came up more than once during school.  So the crown was pretty big to see them SUMO!  They were very kind to each other after.  I brought closer to everything, especially the school year.

I loved being there.  I felt like I should have been there anyway because I knew a lot of those kids and wanted to spend that last school moment with them.  I am a cool mom and I know it.  Cool in a, I know you and I know you can do better because you are an awesome kid, kind of way.  Not the, hey lets hang out and I'll let you do whatever you want and make sure you don't get into trouble, kind of way.  These kids are amazing and therefore I require  and expect a lot more of them.  They are the leaders and need to act like it and show respect to others.  Such incredible kids.  They all call me Mom except 2.  Nick Rabbitt and Alex Jones.  They call me Mrs. Beckstrand.    I'm really not use to that.  I'm used to Sister Beckstrand.  That's what all the neighborhood kids call me. But they both said that it is disrespectful to call me Penny.  I have had swimmers call me Shayne's Mom.  "Hi, Shayne's Mom."  But most the time it's just mom or mommy.  Anyway,  These kids adults are going to do some amazing things in their lives.  I'm excited to see what the future holds.

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