Thursday, May 31, 2012

My first High School Graduate!

Shayne Graduated on May 22nd!  It was amazing.  She wore her hot pink heels!  It didn't match her cute new dress but they looked amazing with her BLACK cap and gown

See Madi's cap and gown?  Maroon.  Shayne's?  Black.  Apparently the Jostens company that they rent them from thought she was a boy.  She, of course, loved it and took it proudly without saying a word to anyone.  It was funny.  I told Joel something like that would happen when you name a girl a boy's name but he didn't listen.  Oh well.  It's a good thing she loves the attention.

Here she is sitting on the stage with the rest of the Executive Council.  What a good group of kids! 
Here are the other 200 graduates.

Here is Brad sleeping through it all.  That really isn't anything new because he did fall asleep in his own graduation just 3 days earlier.

As part of the Exec Council they got to graduate first and then shake everyone else's hands after they graduated as they went back to their seats.  This is Shayne and Buck, Nikki, Kyson, Enrique and Conner.  She hugged about 17 more as they went through.

  Oh yeah...I almost forgot.  Right before Mr. Mees, our 2nd favorite principal next to Burke Staheli, stood up to talk the fire alarm went off.  We are blaming the Desert Hills High School kids.  It's something they would do.  Mr. Mees handled it like a pro and told everyone that they were talking to the fire department and to remain seated until they have turned off the alarm.  Then it was over and time to thank everyone for coming.  James & Jace were there and so were Michael and Jen and Pat.  Along with all of her older friends and co-workers whom we consider family as well.
My favorite part was about 5 minutes later when these 3 made their way over to Shayne.  Most kids would have stayed with their families but these 4 are family.  I just wish this guy wasn't in the way! 
This is Alex Jones, aka Tyler, aka Football is my religion Alex.  We heard of him way back in their Sophomore year when they would all talk about religion every single day at lunch.  Alex was always there, listening.  A year later he was baptized.  Now it's been another year and he is preparing for his mission!  I love this kid!  He is a great example to his friends. 
Here is Mitchell, Conner, Zack, Brescia, Shayne and Josh.  Another group of amazing kids!  Well, except Josh.  Just kidding buddy!
Here we are minus the 2 little boys.  They were there half the time until Kyle, who is awesome, took them and Evan to their city baseball games.  After everything was over we went back to our place to BBQ with the fam.  Jandy made Shayne this, -what's another word for amazing? - cake.  Shayne LOVED it!  It even has a quote from Mark Spitz on it.

This is Brad again.  Trying to bust his buttons and almost succeeding!  I laughed so hard I cried.  I am so thankful that my family could be there to support us.
What an AMAZING day!  I am so proud of the wonderful woman that Shayne has become.

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