Friday, May 11, 2012

Soccer Season!

Soccer season always kills me.  4 kids in soccer means 4 different games on Saturdays and 6 different practices during the week!  AAAAHHHHHHH!  This was David's first year playing and he scored a goal in one of his games.  He is a good little striker.  It'll be fun to watch him improve over the years.  But Kindergarten soccer is 2 clumps of kids chasing a ball around until they get close enough to a goal to kick it in.  Mike Jensen, a good friend of ours, was David's coach.

His team got a penalty kick and coach Mike asked David to do it.  He was so happy.
Ben's first game of the season was AWESOME!  He had a coach from Uganda who really knew his stuff and those kids knew exactly what to do.  Ben was goalie for the second half of the game and drop kicked it so far that he almost made a goal.  He played all positions and loves to be a forward because that means he can go wherever he wants.  Basic Ben.  I have more pictures of him but can't find them right now.  I will post them when I find them.  This is Preston.  He's in our ward and a year older that Ben.

Josh had a good season.  We used to pray that his team would just score at least one goal the entire season and the next year we'd pray for at least one win.  This year we came close to winning the whole thing.  Josh is a great forward and loves everything about the game.  This summer he is in the Real Salt Lake soccer camp and is excited about it.
The kid in this picture was about 6'2" and a really good ball handler.  But Josh and Ethan - our smallest kid - both took the ball away from him during this game.
Look at the procession of these pictures.  This guy was twice as big as Josh.  Not only does he get to it first but after he kicks it he comes down on top of the other guys foot!

Sophie loves soccer too.  I don't know what it is about soccer.  I hate to run that much.  My brother Brad and I were goalie's in high school so we wouldn't have to run.  Sophie was goalie a lot this season but is a great defender and forward.
Her team took second to a team we had already beaten.  The fun thing about city league is that they are playing against the rest of the kids they know and are friends with from school so it's never super competitive and they always have a good time.

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