Tuesday, May 15, 2012

End of Year Band Concerts

The end of the year always means band concert, parades, banquets and programs galore.  Well Josh and Sophie both had a great end of year performance.  It's always so great to see how far they've come.  Sophie even had 2 flute solos in the last song.  She did a great job!  Josh took over Shayne's trombone and I think likes it.  He may end up playing the trumpet next year.  We'll see.

  Here she is with her solo.  Josh had to take the picture because David fell asleep and I had to hold him up.  So that's why it's blurry and not centered. 

This is our Cotton Days Parade.  It's the last one of the school year.

We also had Shayne's Scholarship banquet where she was presented with a scholarship to Dixie and Snow College.  But she's only going to Dixie. Tonight we are going to Tuacahn's Closing Banquet.  It is always a tear fest.  This year will be the worst with Jan and Andy leaving.  I fear the headache Jan will have in the morning from crying so hard.  The end is near.  The end of school for everyone.  The end of high school for Shayne.  The end of Tuacahn.  But what fun it will be to start anew.  Start something you've never have before and to do something exciting.

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