Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 6th David!

My baby is 6 today!  Six years ago we closed the "having babies" chapter of our lives by completing our family with David William Beckstrand.  He is named after my father who's birth name was David William Shelton and latter changed to Joseph David Shelton.  My grandparents wanted a big family but my grandfather, Joseph William, died when he was only 33 and only had my Dad and Aunt Polly.  He always figured he'd have more boys to name after himself but on his death bed he changed my dad's name to Joseph and kept the David.  Get it?
 Anyway, that's my baby.  To bad he doesn't have dark hair and eyes to look more like his name sakes.  He is 6 years old and can scream and kick and hit and spit like no ones business.  I'm hoping he will grow out of it this year.  I looked for a picture of him but apparently I only have ones of him and his cousins.  Shayne has my camera with my most recent pictures in it with her in California.  That's a   future blog.

Happy Birthday Baby!

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