Saturday, May 12, 2012


Jan and Andy resigned from Tuacahn!  YEAH!!!  We are so happy for them but sad for us.

Every spring Jan gets to do the last musical of the year outside in the amphitheatre.  This year she did Titianic.  She had over 100 kids in it with Sophie, Josh, Ben, David, George, Emily and Skylar Scott thrown in.  Ben ended up dropping out after the first read through when he found out that almost everyone dies.  He told me that he didn't want to drown.  It was a good choice for him because he would have complained 99% of the time.  He gets to bored to fast.  Anyway, they kids ended up being in almost every scene and part of the main characters.  I guess Jan figured since it was her last show she could do whatever.  It was AWESOME!!!  The students were awesome, our kids were awesome and we had huge crowds.  They sold over a thousand tickets the last night.  The Hafen Auditorium, inside the school, only holds 300 people.  330 if you use the balcony seats but the usually don't because they have to put lights in up there.  The play only ran for 4 days and made more money than if it would have been in the Hafen for 3 weeks.

The kids at Tuacahn have always been outstanding and so nice and considerate to me and my kids.  They truly have higher standards and are loving towards every single person they meet.  After the last show we went down into Andy's classroom to have cake and Jan and Andy had put together a slide show to tell the kids that they weren't coming back next year.  It was crazy.  Not a single person had a clue.  The kids thought that they were announcing something great and exciting and when the slide came up that said they had resigned there were gasps and instant tears.  I will never forget one kid who Jan and Andy had helped over come many obstacles in life as I watched his demeanor change from smiling to disbelief to collapsing on the floor into a sobbing heap.  It was horrible.  I just kept thinking, "please don't relapse.  Please keep moving forward.  I hope this will strengthen him and not break him down."  By the end of the night he was alright.  He understood and said that he will move on and how grateful he was to have them while he could.
 That was the overall consensus the next day after everyone had time to process things. 

I personally will hate to see them go but I know that one of the reasons they were here was so I could help Jan with her pregnancies and health problems.  I will be eternally grateful for that.  It made me a better person to be able to serve my sister in her time of need.  My life will be forever changed for the better because of Jan and Andy living here.  But it is time for other peoples lives to be changed.  All of the kids here will be forever blessed to have had Jan and Andy for as long as they did.  Tuacahn is a far better place because Jan was hired there and when Andy was hired it made it even better.  Jan was more available to help the students with life problems and they have helped hundreds of kids become better people.  I feel bad for the person/people that they hire to try to take their place.  They will not be able to fill the shoes that left, all they can do is try to use their own to further what's been started. 

This last picture cracks me up!  Paula, Katie and Abby came down and surprised us on Friday to see the show and Paula asked David to sign her program and he immediately lifted his knee to write on just like the star he is.

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