Saturday, June 9, 2012

Memorial Day Garden

So we didn't do much for Memorial Day except plant a garden.  I know you're thinking that the end of May is way too late to start one but not if it's pumpkins that you don't want to be ready until the end of October.  Lucky for us Joe and J'Neal Robinson let us plant on her uncles empty lot.  So we planted a row of giant pumpkins, jack-0-lanterns, watermelons, cantalopes and cucumbers.  Then the outside row is forget me knots and HUGE sunflowers.  I read that if you plant some sort of flowers by your plants then you will attract the bees to help pollinate your garden and you"ll have better success.  So we are trying it.  I am embarrassed to say that this is our first family garden. We never planted one anywhere else.  We are grateful to the Robinson's for letting us try.  Most of these pictures where taken by Ben.  He has a great eye.

This is the lot with one and a half rows made.

 Lots of little weeds and hoeing rows trying to make them straight.  My dad has this cool thing that makes them for him.  So much easier and it takes him 30 seconds.  We were there forEVER.

One of Ben's shots.  No cropping or anything done to these pictures.

 I'm not sure what he's doing or looking at but it was cute.  You can see the Robinson's chicken coop in the background.

 All rows made and now time to plant.  Usually you plant melons in hills to keep them from getting water rot.  But, it Southern Utah it is never wet enough to need to worry about that, so the pumpkin patches around here just plant them in rows and let them go crazy.  So that's what we did.

 Sophie thinking she worked hard.  More like hardly working.

 Here is J'Neal letting the kids hold their chickens.

 David was in love with this little one and has been down to see it almost everyday.

 Self portrait.  Look at the future braces on that kid!

End of the planting.  Now to have the faith that something will row.

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