Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DSU Midnight 5K

10-24-14 We love the DSU Midnight 5K because it's another family affair.  We get all the Wells family there and usually a lot of Beckstrand out too.  But this time they all went to bed early.  John was running the Save-A-Sister 10K at 9am and he wanted to be at his best.  Joel and Josh were signed up for it too but they didn't want to miss out on the fun the night before.  Anyway, I usually help out and volunteer with JoEllen with this but this year Kyle wasn't in charge so I decided to try to run it again.  Sophie was so pleased with her running performance at the Trick-or-Tri that she said she'd run it too.  So she, Emily and I ran it together.  It is an extremely hard course.  Mostly up hill and we did 90% of it.  We did cheat.  We didn't care.  We did the first lap around campus and then when it was time to go back uphill we cut across by the bell tower.  "Meet me by the Bell Tower!"  Josh was so excited when he saw us.  He said, "if you hurry you can break a half an hour!"  I told him what we'd done and it was like I'd popped his balloon.  He came in 2nd place overall behind Austin Manuele, an old swim friend of ours that's Shayne's age.  We talked to him for awhile and then gathered our things and went home.

I stole these from Jillyn's blog so your could see who else was there.   It's hard to take pictures when you're running.

 This is where Josh found us so I gave him my camera to take some pictures of us.

 Here is JoEllen speed walking in after us.  It was great.  It's the hardest course but it's just fun to get out with the family and have some fun.

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