Sunday, November 16, 2014

Save-A-Sister 10K and DSU Homecoming

Every year there is this race to help raise money for the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and we never do it because we are always doing the Midnight 5K 8 hours earlier.  Well, this year Red Rock Canyon School decided to do it so John signed Joel and Josh up.  So they ran the Midnight 5K and then they went home and took a nap and then ran a 10K.  John took 1st place OVERALL!!  Josh took 1st place in his age group and so did Joel!!!  It was awesome except for the fact that as soon as Josh crossed the finish line I had to grab him and head off to the Dixie State Homecoming Parade where his Middle School band was marching and if he missed it it would drop his grade in that class.

We thought this picture of Josh was funny because of the placement of the fence it looks like he doesn't have any pants on at all!  I told him he needs to work on tanning those thighs if he's going to show them off.

I had Sophie with me to take those pictures above but as soon as we were done I had to run here to here starting place in the parade and head back to the race.  I got there just in time because 1 minute after I got into position, here he came.  Then about 2 minutes later Joel came running around the corner.  It was great.  I hurried and took a group shot and we ran out of there.

Here are some pictures that the race photographers took.  

 Here is John coming in first and breaking the ribbon.  I think it's a first for him.  It's a great picture.

 These are of John collecting everyone's 1st place awards since Josh and Joel had to leave.  Super cool to have 3 first places and for one of them to be an overall winner!  Great job guys!!!

Then we were off to the Dixie State Homecoming parade.  Josh changed into his uniform in the back seat of the van and we got to his line up with time to spare!

Here is Matty, all alone.  JoEllen kept trying to get a picture of her crack.  Those pants have got to go.

George, Emily, Evan and Ben were all in the parade too with the DSU Swim team.  David was at Scout camp otherwise he'd have been there too.  Here is their group picture before the parade started.

 And here they are marching. 

Then Sophie and the High School Marching Band came along at the second to last entry.  We thought maybe they decided not to march.

After the parade we went home to change and then headed back to the University to go to the Tailgate party.  Those are always fun.  Free food and games!  The favorite thing to do it climb the rock tower.  Today Joel was timing them to see who could climb up the fastest.  George won by 2 tenths of a second. 
 Here's Emily racing up the side and jumping down.
 Here's Macee.  She had her face all painted and was having a great time.

David was up next and was ready to race.  He ended up doing it 4 or 5 different times.

Ben could not be out done by his little brother.  At the top he ended up jumping to hit the bell.

Here are Matty and Jack.  They also had their faces painted and got balloon animals.  They were having a ton of fun.

Evan couldn't quite make it passed the half way point on the front course because it's the hardest one.  But he gave it his best try.

Then Josh ran up it.

The food of course is always cooked by the best. 

Then all the kids went back to George's to play night games and JoEllen, who is now a Tupperware Lady, went to do a Tupperware party so Kyle, Joel and I went to the game!!!  Go DIXIE!  We won!  It was a great game that had incredible fireworks afterwards.  It was a very long, very fun day.

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