Sunday, November 2, 2014

Josh turns 15!

My sweet  middle child is now 15.  Where has the time gone.  He is now on the High School Cross Country Team and is loving life.  For his birthday he got a couple little Star Wars Legos, bow ties (his favorite) and a bunch of Cross Country clothes.

He also got this really cool sign to hang in his room that says,  "It's won't always be easy, It won't always be fun, But it will always be worth it so get out there and Run".  It holds his bib numbers and his medals.

 Because his birthday was the same exact day as Shayne's homecoming he had 2 ways of looking at the day...#1 He got put aside and forgotten or #2 He had a bunch of family and friends come over for a b-b-q and birthday cake.  It looks like #2 by the smile on his face in this picture.  But then again Sloan and his butt can make anyone laugh.

Then we sang the traditional Shelton Happy Birthday Song for him in which Jan and Andy belt out this horrific rendition and hold out the last note until they almost pass out.  It's awesome!

Jandy made this awesome cake for the occasion.  Here is Josh blowing out his candle.  We could only find one.

A couple days later Joel took him to get his driving permit.  Watch out!!!

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