Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July Sunday - Monday

Sunday we had a big B-B-Q at my parents house and lit off some fireworks that the little boys had bought. Then the kids and Dad's played a serious game of rugby! Lots of tears from the little boys and only one bloody nose.

Monday morning Joel, Paula and Charles ran the Freedom Festival 10K in Provo. It went right down the parade route so we picked a spot early and sat there until they ran by. It was fun to see them all. They were only 5 minutes apart.

I did a couple hair do's while we waited to the p-raid to start. Then we watched the parade with the Rogel's and the Shelton's. They see parades like that all the time but down here in the heat we never see real floats with moving parts and cute features. We see people waving from cars and flat bed trucks carrying people. The Provo parade even had a bunch of big balloons like the Macey's parade on Thanksgiving. We were thrilled!

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