Friday, July 23, 2010

Youth Conference

Washington 5th Ward Youth Conference started off with our service project. We were helping Shawn Hirschi build picnic tables to give to the fair grounds. It was fun racing the boys to see who would finish first. The girls did, of course and ours was painted better!

After we had a big water fight and water games then went home to get ready for the rest of Youth Conference. Later that afternoon we went up to Pine Valley and stayed in Bro. Allen Gardner's families cabins. The boys had one and the girls had thew other.

We had some amazing speakers. Daniel and Katie Cluff spoke on self improvement and putting on the whole armor of god. Karice Shimbeck talked about public speaking and how to give a good talk especially because some of us were going to have to talk in church about our experiences. We had a guest speaker talk about her nephews and there struggle with a childhood disease and how they stayed strong through there adversities. We also had a question and answer panel on dating. The three couples were Daniel and Katie Cluff, Christian and Molly Edwards and Stacey and Katrice Shimbeck. The kids loved it. We also had a Walk With Christ where the kids went to 5 different stations and got a little treasure to remember what they were told.

We played TONS of games and really got to know each other well.

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