Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July weekend - Tuesday

On Tuesday we went to the Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake City. It had been a couple years since we had gone and it was fun to see the new baby elephant, Zuri. She was so cute!

Then we saw the Bird show and you knw me and bird birds. Look how gorgeous! Then we went over to the Train and took the little train ride. It was short and sweet. At the end we let the kids play on the Zoo's playground.

Everyone had fun until this happened. It looks like he's just kidding and he was at first until he tried to get his head out. He got stuck and got scared. Like the good Mom I am I hurried and took a a picture and laughed while Joel helped him out.

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Miss Rogers said...

ok that is super funny. I would have done the same thing, take a picture I mean before helping them out! :)