Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carla Clothier

On Friday Jan, Andy and I went to Vegas to make a wedding cake for our good friend Carla Clothier's wedding. Carla spent the last 2 summers helping us with the Summer Theatre Institute at Tuacahn as the stage manager. We had a blast each summer and we were so happy to see that she had found Mr. Right. Donald Morgan.
When we saw her she was on cloud nine and ginning from ear to ear.

We unloaded everything at the church and started right in on the cake. Jan had made the biggest layer chocolate with white chocolate chips, filled with chocolate butter-cream frosting and white chocolate chips. The second layer was lemon because lemon is Carla's favorite, filled with raspberry. The 3rd layer was white cake with raspberry filling and the top was lemon with a butter-cream filling. We got them all frosted and ready to be decorated and left to go to the Bellagio Hotel Buffet for dinner. It was amazing. The hotel has this great garden in it that changes with the seasons. Everything was made out of flowers. It was gorgeous.

The next day we got up, went to Hoover Dam and then to Mel's Diner to eat. It was the cutest little place with the best breakfast.

Then we went to the church to finish up. Andy and I were pretty useless on the decorating part but we were great comedic relief. Jan had some shirts made up so we looked professional with her logo and store name for her new cake decorating business. "Jandy's - Diet Starts Monday" We looked awesome.

Jan is incredible with an icing bag in her hand. She put white ribbon around each layer and piped on lace and pearls.

On 2 of the layers she put little Mickey Mouse heads because Carla is a Disneyland Freak! We knew she'd love it and that it would take a second glance to see them. Carla's colors were classic Black, White and Red. So, Jan put little black polka dots on each layer and then began the flowers. It was GORGEOUS! It took forever but the look on Carla's face when she found the hidden mickey's was priceless. Jan is the most multi talented person I've ever met. I don't think there's anything she can't do.

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natalie ☮ said...

It all looks stunning! I'm so happy for her, thanks for the pictures! And the hidden mickeys---clever touch!!!!