Sunday, January 30, 2011

Best of Especially For Youth and Jr. Prom

For some reason every best of EFY and Jr. Prom are on the same day. Last year Shayne went with Austin and they went to EFY together as their Day Date. This year Shayne had a date to EFY with her friends Kyle Hendrixson who came and sat with us. We love Kyle. He is a great guy. He's on Desert Hills Swim Team and has always shown respect and kindness to us. EFY always starts at 9 and goes until noon and is held in 3 different buildings. 2 Stake Centers and the Dixie College Institute building each holds at least 500 people and there are 3 speakers that rotate to the different buildings. We left at 7am to make sure we got good seats and after we saved them we went outside to eat doughnuts and hot chocolate. Here is a picture with the early morning sun in the background.

Later that afternoon, Shayne started her date with Sam Correy to Jr. Prom. They went shooting around 4pm. Apparently Sam's family is very into hunting. Although he had a hand gun that Shayne fell in love with. Then they went out to eat and then she came home to get all dressed up in a gorgeous black dress that she borrowed from her lovely Aunt Ashley. I know you're all wondering about the "Do". It's one I found the night before online and we decided to be crazy and do it without any practice. It was surprisingly easy, but did take 30 bobby pins.
Shayne said they had a great time but some girls passed out and hit her head at the dance and was unconscious so she had to stay around to help out until the EMT's arrived. I guess it's a law that if you are certified in emergency health situations then you can't leave someone in need. So there where 5 life guards surrounding this poor girl, one was her date.
Sam is in the band with Shayne. He's a funny kid. He's only been over to the house a couple of times so Joel hadn't ever seen him and was a little concerned. It was funny to watch Joel actually be concerned. He knew Austin and his family for ever and every other kid that Shayne has been out with has been on the swim team or been over to our house a million times. She looked beautiful! It was another great memory for me. I hope when Sophie gets old enough to date she lets me play dress up with her and do her hair and make-up. It's been a lot of fun.

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