Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Home Meet

Friday was the last home meet for Pine View High school. Tears were shed but more importantly so were seconds!!!!! Shayne shaved off 2 seconds in her 200 freestyle. She came in second again but every time she comes in 2nd place it is to someone from 3A so it still counts as a first in 4A. She doesn't like me to sat that because she thinks it sounds worse to be beaten by a 3A team. But it's not when the 3A school has 400 more kids than our 4A school. Region is this Thursday and Friday starting at 5pm each day in Cedar City's new city pool. It's exactly like Washington City's. It'll be fun to see how it turns out. Pine View is not in any contention to take a place except 2nd to last over Hurricane because we have 20 swimmers and they only have 15. The team with the most swimmers is the team that will take Region and State because of the stupid way they do points. But oh well, as long as Shayne does her best and takes off more time then we are happy. Good Luck Pine View Swimmers!

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Dan and Katie said...

The boys and I came Fri night just as the relay was starting. Taiv is starting to get what team to root for and how to tell if they are winning so he was up there offering his words of encouragement i.e. "come on guys!! You gotta swim faster!! Go go go!!" It was pretty cute. And then in the freestyle race he was like "man mom- Shayne can swim real fast, huh?" Anyway- we had a good time and way to go Shayne!!